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ターンエーラクガキ by 田吉紺

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All of Joseph’s English in Volume 21

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Out of the Cellar


Wanted Man by Ratt

from Out of the Cellar (1984)


happy jojo friday

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This movie is great, if you want to watch fucking nothing happen for over an hour. I kept thinking, “when does the action start?”, but it never did. plot is a trainwreck; trying to connect a series of non sequiturs does not make for something interesting. The art was -OK- for a film from the 90s…
Review of Ghost in the Shell. The first time I’ve ever seen a case of someone literally being too stupid to understand a movie, and a case of ridiculously high standards for animation apparently. (via thanksmal)

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Tomino had to wait several years until his second Gundam series (the Zeta Gundam) changed the public opinion towards a positive light. Because the circumstances were much better in the mid 80’s, when the classical super robot formula was beginning to lose its appeal and all mecha shows simply copied the exact same formula Voltus V had reached.
It took until 1985 for Gundam to become influential in the anime industry and before then no real robot series were made, apparently. (via thanksmal)
Mobile Suit Gundam is kind of a legend, I kept hearing stuff about it and wasn’t sure whether I should watch it or not. Then one day I found out it was made by Sunrise, who made my favorite show Code Geass, so I decided right there that I would give it a try. But Sunrise also made barely average series the likes of Cowboy Bebop and the near average Crest/Banner of the Star so I was still on my guard.
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